NetFlow Analytics™ for Splunk®

The NetFlow Analytics for Splunk App (together with the Technology Add-on for NetFlow) is designed to utilize flow data processed by NetFlow Optimizer™ (NFO) and enables you to visualize and analyze it using Splunk Enterprise software. Once flow data has been furnished to Splunk Enterprise by NFO, you can gain new insights by correlating it with other machine data.

Use of the NetFlow Analytics for Splunk App improves real-time network visibility, enabling IT professionals to shift from simple monitoring to proactive network management, e.g. capacity planning.

Using the NetFlow Analytics for Splunk App for IT Operational Intelligence & Security

Multi-vendor device and any flow type support

Customizable network traffic reports

Bandwidth usage by user, application, protocol,
and network device interface

Network traffic analysis by Geo location.
Identify internal hosts communicating
with malicious peers

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Customizable Splunk dashboards provide visual information and allow drill-down analysis.

Visual diagrams available for analysis
and drill-down, including traffic by source
and destination; bandwidth usage
by protocol and application; device interface
utilization and bottlenecks, etc.

Vigilance is a key to security. NFO uses GEO IP to alert you about potentially suspicious inbound and outbound traffic.

Be aware of various security threats and their sources. NFO is using reliable and constantly updated reputation databases of known threats.