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DDoS demands vigilance

DDoS Demands Vigilance
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are some of the most serious security threats in modern networked computing. These attacks are designed to prevent legitimate access to computing resources. Typically, they are launched by multiple systems, often compromised by malware, and target victim systems like servers and network infrastructure devices, as well as specific services such as web applications and domain name systems. DDoS attacks can start with something seemingly harmless as a handful of malformed packets and end up flooding your systems with several hundred or even thousand gigabytes of traffic per second that the system simply cannot handle.

Maximize Security Capabilities

Maximize Security Capabilities
NetFlow Logic DDoS Detection solution is designed to improve your existing incident response plan providing peace of mind and letting you focus on your primary business goals.To accelerate return on investment of your IT security infrastructure it is integrated with Splunk Enterprise providing dashboards for visual threat assessment and alert configuration.

Early DDoS Detection

Large or Small – Early DDoS Detection can Save You from Big Trouble
This new solution is developed mainly for large data centers that internet service providers and managed security service providers usually have. It is based on NetFlow Logic real-time flow processing technology that can handle huge amounts of data very fast. It can be scaled vertically and horizontally. It is easy to install and becomes operational in 20 minutes after deployment which make them suitable even for small businesses.

Solution Highlights

  • Rapid Detection – other solutions usually provide rapid detection in the case of a volumetric attack but can miss a DDoS attack of another type. Early Warning DDoS Detector App from NetFlow Logic can identify possible DDoS attack almost immediately. In some cases, the App can even predict an attack as it is about to happen. DDoS Detector can detect anomalous traffic within 30 seconds of its appearance, even when the attack is low and slow.
  • Broad Spectrum Threat Detection – DDoS Detector App offers the widest coverage against many types of network availability threats. The App is not dependent on any specific threat signature or attack pattern. It uses analytical and machine learning capabilities to detect new threats and anomalies as they appear. It can adapt to constantly evolving attack techniques without any human intervention.
  • Reduction of False Positives – a great deal of DDoS alerts in common solutions are False Positives. These typically occur due to network configuration changes, or other baseline behavior changes and harmless usage spikes. Advanced analytics engine used by DDoS Detector can reduce False Positive alerting by 90%, enabling your administrative staff to focus on real threats to your networks and infrastructure.
  • Protection continuity – Changes in your network infrastructure do not require any changes in configuration of DDoS Detector Solution, ensuring that your threat detection system is always current.
  • Attack Resilience – Early stage attack detection allows rapid mitigation before targeted network devices and servers are incapacitated. In contrast to the inline solutions, NetFlow Logic’s DDoS Detector is based on the network flow information analysis, thus it is not susceptible to volumetric flood attacks. Mitigation cost and effort are a fraction of the cost and effort of business interruption and recovery.
  • Easy to Deploy and Cost Effective – The solution is 100% software based and does not require more staff to deploy and manage and does not affect other DDoS protection tools that you already have in place.

Please refer to the Solution Guide document for technical details.

Beyond DDoS detection and prevention, you need to know your network and have good visibility into your environment — two things that are missing in many organizations. Deployment of NetFlow Optimizer lets you effectively address both issues. Learn more about NFO and how it can help you to improve overall network visibility.

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