NetFlow and SNMP Analytics for Splunk App (Free)

Maximize Your Splunk Investment: Gain Real-Time Network Visibility and Security

The NetFlow and SNMP Analytics App for Splunk integrates seamlessly with your existing environment. It leverages your Splunk investment to deliver real-time network traffic analysis, advanced threat detection, and performance optimization.


Extend Splunk for Powerful Network Insights

Seamlessly Integrate Network Data into Your Existing Splunk deployment. Gain Real-Time Visibility, Faster Threat Detection, and Streamlined Network Management

Enhanced Splunk Capabilities

Extend Splunk’s functionality with real-time network traffic analysis, threat detection, and performance optimization features.

Unified Security Platform

Correlate NetFlow data with other security and operational data sources within Splunk for a holistic view of your network.

Pre-built Splunk Dashboards and Reports

Utilize pre-configured dashboards and reports within Splunk to gain immediate insights into network activity and security posture.

Seamless Splunk Integration

Effortless integration with your existing Splunk deployment ensures a smooth setup and minimal configuration.

Advanced Threat Detection within Splunk

Leverage Splunk’s powerful search and analytics capabilities to identify suspicious patterns and potential security threats within NetFlow data.

Cloud and On-Premises Support

The app functions seamlessly in both cloud and on-premises Splunk deployments for flexible use.

Ready to extend your Splunk capabilities?

By integrating the free NetFlow Analytics for Splunk App with your existing Splunk environment, you gain a powerful combination for network visibility, security, and performance optimization, all within the familiar Splunk platform.

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