NetFlow Optimizer Pricing

NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) offers flexible licensing options based on your network traffic volume. Our pricing is based on the number of flows you process per second, measured in blocks (1 block = 1000 flows per second).

Subscription pricing starts at $3000 per year per block with a minimum of two blocks. We offer progressive volume discounts for higher block purchases.

No Hidden Fees or additional charges for:
  • NetFlow Optimizer instances: Deploy NFO on multiple systems as needed without additional costs.
  • Network devices (NetFlow Exporters): Connect any number of network devices to NFO for comprehensive traffic analysis.
  • Output destinations: Send your data to popular security and analytics platforms like Splunk, Sumo Logic, Azure Sentinel, and more, all included in your NFO subscription.
  • Integration Applications and/or Content Packs: Leverage the full functionality of NFO, including all applications and content packs, free of charge.

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