Gain Network Insights with NetFlow Optimizer

Unify Your Security & Operations Landscape. Gain Real-Time Visibility, Identify Threats Faster, and Optimize Performance


Empower Network Management with Actionable Insights

Seamlessly Integrate Network Data into Your Existing SIEM & IT Operations Systems. Gain Real-Time Visibility, Faster Threat Detection, and Streamlined Network Management

Data Volume Reduction

Streamline storage and processing needs without sacrificing accuracy through consolidation, deduplication, and top traffic techniques.​

Flow Data Enrichment

Enhance flow data with DNS, VM names, application details, user identities, cloud info, GeoIP, and threat reputation for deeper insights.​

Seamless Integrations

NetFlow Optimizer integrates seamlessly with your existing SIEM and IT operations monitoring systems for a comprehensive view of your network.​


NetFlow Optimizer: Unlocking a Deeper Understanding of Your Network

Unlock the power of your network data. NetFlow Optimizer provides advanced tools for network administrators and security professionals. Gain real-time insights, optimize performance, and enhance security with features like flow data enrichment, cloud monitoring, and seamless integrations.

Safeguard Your Network with Confidence

Identify and track suspicious connections, pinpointing their origins for immediate action. Gain deeper insights into network traffic with enriched data, enabling faster anomaly detection and risk identification. Monitor for unauthorized data exfiltration attempts to safeguard sensitive information. Detect DDoS attacks at the onset.

Gain Real-Time Insights and Simplify Management

Effortlessly manage your network with NFO’s Unified View and Seamless Integrations. Benefit from instant insights into traffic patterns, proactive troubleshooting, and comprehensive visibility across your hybrid environment, encompassing AWS, Azure, OCI, and GCP. This seamless integration into existing systems empowers informed decisions on resource allocation and network management.

Power and Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Efficient Data Management: NFO optimizes storage and processing with streamlined consolidation, deduplication, and top traffic techniques. It handles massive data volumes, exceeding 1 million flows per second, providing real-time insights. Its modular design allows for flexible feature configuration, optimizing resource allocation and focusing on crucial network functionalities.

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